title: My neighbor
date: 2017-04-04 22:05:14

I guess I have moved in almost one week. I am still sleeping on the couch with my sleeping bag cause no one came to fix my bed since they were so busy during this period of time. I am quiet ok with that, at least I could have the chance to enjoy some wonderful Greek music every night. I was wondering who is living next door? I have thought many times maybe I should knock their door and at least say Hi to my neighbor to show them that Chinese are friendly, not always cold as they may thought.

Finally, today we I finish my work with clients, I came back home with such a tired body and heavy mind,I heard someone not far from me was trying to open the door, instead of getting in my house , I stood there for a moment, stare at the person who is living next to me. He is around 70 years old, white hair, has a serious face.I showed my first greeting to my lovely old neighbor.

Thank to his loud Greek music every night, I think I am kinda of getting in it his story. A man who like music must have a spectacular life story.Needless for me to fantasy his story of life, I am sure one day I will read them all, know it, appreciate it.

Good night, my neighbor! I wish you have a sound sleep with sweet dreams.