title: Embrace the light
date: 2017-04-03 23:00:38

Many works drive me crazy! Everyone was sending me messages, including some of my clients themselves, jerry, after sales. I told myself to calm down and reply one by one, and I did.

I have many routines to do now everyday. I have to send voice message to one of my client who is learning English now, 3 easy sentences for her to study each day, just hope that I can help her to get better. I have to keep sending Elsa many messages to remind her to finish all the requires or demands or
fix some of the complains from our clients. I have to arrange everything for the next day. In one minute, I was very upset and went nuts, but one minute after, I found some lights through the shadow. It turned out everything was not that bad.

How bad can a situation be? I believe there wasn’t a worst situation, I can always find some good sides in a bad lost.

I put on some music, replied to all these message that I need to handle and informed everyone that I need to contact with, now I have few minutes for myself.

I still have around 15 minutes for my favorite writer “ San Mao”. A story of hers is a journey of mine. It’s amazing that I can explore life in another way and a total different point of view.

I am sharing my apartment with a girl, her name is Olivia. It’s 23:13pm Greek time, but she is still outside, so I am home alone enjoy my solo moment.

I guess it’s almost time for my dating with my book. My body is tired today, hope my soul can get some rest for compensation.

Night night beautiful world!